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Painting guide available for most items. Paint not included.


Giving Thanks

Sweet Tots

These praying kids remind us to be thankful. You will have fun arranging the many accessories. The children are 7 inches tall.
57070B Giving Thanks Kids
Unpainted Bisque

Turkey Lollipop Holder

Turkey Lollipop Holder

The youngsters will really like this.
The turkey has holes in the tail to hold lollipop sticks.
About 8'' tall.
57055B Turkey Lollipop Holder
Unpainted Bisque
$12.90 ($10.90 without lollipop holes)


Valentine Bears

Valentine Bear Trio

These bears are 4" tall.

28060B Valentine Bear Trio
Unpainted Bisque

Valentine Cat

Valentine Cat

This cat is 3 inches tall.

62200B Valentine Cat $2.90

St. Patrick's Day

Leprechaun with Pot

Leprechaun with Pot

This happy fellow is 12" tall. Pot is removable. Shamrocks not included.

92015B Leprechaun with Pot
Unpainted Bisque


Rabbit Artist

Rabbit Artist

Here we have and artist busy painting Easter eggs.
This figure is 7'' tall.

51152B Rabbit Artist
Unpainted Bisque

Girl with Bunny

Girl with Bunny

51130B Girl with Bunny
Unpainted Bisque

Easter Egg Sitters

Bunny in Egg Duck in Egg Bear in Egg
These Easter figurines are about 10" tall.
Each is made up of three seperate pieces - the animal, the broken egg and the base.
Also there are several broken egg shell pieces.

51162B Bunny on egg - Unpainted Bisque $17.90
51163B Duck on egg - Unpainted Bisque $17.90
51165B Bear on egg - Unpainted Bisque $17.90

Rabbits top of Eggs
These three rabbits sitting on top of eggs are 5'' tall.
Sold as a set.

51052B Rabbits on Eggs
Unpainted Bisque

Mice Painting Egg

Egg Painters

You can help these little mice paint the egg just right for your Easter. 7'' Tall.
51076B Egg Painters
Unpainted Bisque


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