The Fundamentals of Hobby Ceramics
Bill Thompson
ISBN #0-916809-54-4
A must have book for crafters at all levels. Covers molds and slip, greenware, firing, brushes and painting, stencils and lusters, glazes and underglazing, etc. Well written with lots of illustrations and color photos. New paperback 8½ x 11 reprint of the popular hardbound edition.
Item - - - BBK-Hobby Ceramics.....$5.50

The Basics of China Painting
Bill Thompson
ISBN #0-916809-02-1
Over 200 pages with lots illustrations and full color pictures. Covers everything from the supplies you need through the final firing. The author has many years of experience in painting and teaching this technique. 7th printing 1996; new paperback 5½ x 8½ with minor blemish on spine and on back cover.
Item - - - BBK-China Painting.....$6.50

Ceramics with an Old world Flavor
Carlena Candray
ISBN #0-916809-23-4
Technique Guide with step by step instructions - from greenware selection through painting to the finish. Full page (8½ x 11) color photos of these "Best of Show" items; plus pull out pattern section for each of the projects - 11 plates, 2 vases, 4 figurines. English/Spanish. New soft cover 1998; very minor crimping at some page corners.
Item - - - BBK-Old World Flavor.....$5.50


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