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How to Sell Your Craft Items
a book by Paulette Morrissey

Sell Your Own Crafts Book


Nowadays virtually everyone makes or knows someone who makes things. Homes are adorned with handcrafted items - sometimes to the point of overflowing. So what do you do when you have so much of what you make that it's taking over your house, as well as the homes of your relatives and friends. You start selling it!!
You Can Do It! Sell Your Own Crafts was written by a crafter - for other crafters. I've included many of today's most popular and successful selling methods - all of which we've personally tried. You'll find explanations on how to get started, what up front costs to expect, and what problems to avoid. Each method includes a summary detailing it's pros and cons. There are also sections on creating the company image you want, pricing your crafts, promoting yourself, and much more. These techniques are applicable to virtually any handcraft theme from rag dolls to roll top desks. A must have book for every crafter ready to take the next step - from making, to selling their crafts. 8-1/2'' X 11'', spiral bound, 45 pages.

Here are some of the revealing topics you'll enjoy reading.

BK-108: Sell Your Own Crafts.... $17.95
(ISBN 978-1-893502-07-9)
(ISBN 1-893502-07-4)

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