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Painting Bisque Dolls

Doll Painting Book a non-fired technique - How to Paint Bisque Dolls was created in response to a number of requests to our ceramic studio. Many people, we learned, want to make dolls, but are afraid of tackling porcelain. This technique eliminates that problem. This book is all about acrylic painting on bisque. No firing is involved, but your dolls will turn out beautiful. You'll learn how to apply a soft, gentle coloring for skin (any skin color), plus how to paint eyes and lips on all kinds of dolls. You'll also learn how to apply a hint of blush. These techniques will work on bisque or any other smooth paintable surface. . 5-1/2'' X 8-1/2'', spiral bound, 28 pages.

BK-107: Painting Bisque Dolls.... $9.95
(ISBN 978-1893502-06-2)
(ISBN 1-893502-06-6)

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